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The Expat in YOU!

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My name is NikkiFaye, and I’m the power behind Become An Expat.

I’m an American who has lived in many countries around the world, and I can attest to the fact that this journey is the best journey you will ever make.

I currently live in Colombia, and I have a lot of experience working remotely and finding ways to make an income to sustain my lifestyle and still be able to travel.

My background

I studied Business & Law in the U.S. earning my JD/MBA.  I went on to work in the corporate world, where I ended up staying for 11 years working for some of the top entertainment companies in the world including Disney, NBC & Dreamworks. Working in the areas of law, television development, licensing, marketing and brand management.  I learned a lot, but I was desperate for something else. I wanted to follow my passion.  My love for travel began to consume me so I used every possible holiday and vacation day to explore the world until one day I decided to spend three months out of the country.  This experience changed my life, and I knew that I could never turn back. I could never go on another vacation where I saw the main tourist sites and took some great photos.  I needed to spend some time exploring the country and its culture.  I needed to feel what life was like living and working in these various countries.  I could no longer see travel the same so I decided to make travel my lifestyle and why not?  Others were doing it and thriving.  Why not me?  And if not now, when?

A new opportunity

Walking away from the corporate world wasn’t easy.  The idea of knowing that your paycheck would arrive every two weeks and having some sort of stability regarding your career future brings great comfort, but knowing that you are about embark on a journey to follow your life long dream brings great happiness.  There’s something about making a decision that starts to draw everything that you need across your path.  Once I decided that this would be my lifelong journey as opposed to my retirement plan, job opportunities started to come my way, people started to reach out about featuring me and my travel journey in magazines and on TV, and people who had already started the expat journey were gravitating towards me so I could learn from their experiences.


Exciting new beginning

As I started to prepare for my journey, I decided that I needed to document this so it could be helpful to expats who were coming behind me.  I wanted to make all the answers to the questions that I had available to everyone.  I started to video library of myself discussing the various milestones that I was meeting along my journey.

Become An Expat

This vision was birthed based on my need for information as I was starting to plan my journey.  I have always been a connector of people and have always been excited by helping others to meet their goals.  I focused on working with people who aspired to move to Colombia, but I decided that most of the information I provided was universal.  It applied to anyone who wanted to live abroad, away from their home countries and…

  • who had had to give up their careers and were interested in remote jobs as a way to travel and still generate income
  • who wanted to just volunteer all over the world and still be able to finance their lives
  • who wanted to have a business that fit in with their new expat lifestyle
  • who wanted to invest in property abroad

And this is the work  that I am passionate about.

I love to see when people commit to living the life of their dreams, connections people are making with each other, helping each other out and sharing their experiences, wins and challenges.  This isn’t just a move, it’s a life change.  I want to help you to adjust to this new world that you have set out to experience.

For the love of travel…

We have made sacrifices our entire lives for education, for love, for a job.  Now it’s time for you to make the sacrifice to do what truly makes you happy.  If there seems to be something missing in your life, something that makes you really feel that you are following your heart.  Stop saying you’ll do it one day, and may one day right now.

This journey will provide personal development, you will learn more about yourself, have the ability going inwards and live the life that makes you happy, and find out what makes you tick deep down in your essence.

In the past 6 months I’ve been investing in my own happiness.  I now feel excited, rejuvenated, happy, and optimistic about what the future holds.  Join me and get the sparkle back in your life.

I’m using my sparkle to help you, and I’m loving it.

If you’d like to know more, come and join my expat tribe.

We welcome you with open arms!

Becoming an Expat to Colombia

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The decision to leave your entire life, family and friends in the only country you have ever known is a very substantial one, but it is a decision people have been making since the world began.  Since there is still no manual for it, I am using my life as a blueprint for you to follow.  I’ll start by telling you my expat story.

Around January, I visited Colombia for the second time.  Although my first trip was AMAZING and awe inspiring, it never occurred to me that one day this would be the country that I would call home some day.  When I arrived for second time, I again felt this nostalgia, but I was in a different space mentally this time.  I had come to the realization that material things no longer mattered to me, the U.S. wasn’t the only place that could provide a good life for me, and I didn’t need to be in corporate America to take care of myself.  Moreover, corporate America was only covering my bills and a few extracurricular activities on the side so it wasn’t creating a windfall of cash that could secure my future.  Quite frankly, I was concerned about life after retirement because I couldn’t imagine how I would be able to afford the enormous expense of a California lifestyle on social security, if that’s even still available when I retire, and on what little I managed to stow away in my 401K.

My decision was two-fold based on whether I’d be able to generate enough income for myself outside of a typical 9-5, and when would I be able to live the life of travel that I desired if I did things the way that the American way was designed.  From an American perspective, I’d retire at age 66, and then I would be free to travel freely. Well, who knows what tomorrow may bring.  My Mother had passed away only a month before I decided to take this voyage at the age of 57 so who’s to say I’d even live that long.  On top of that, I’d be 66 years old so I wouldn’t have the physical flexibility that I once had in my youth.   With these facts in hand and having met many expats while I was visiting Colombia who were already living this lifestyle, I decided that the time was now, and I could no longer put off my happiness for a date to be determined.

So I decided.  I decided that the time is now.  The time is now for me to live the life of my dreams.  Now is the time to explore the world.  Now is the time to follow my heart.  In March, I decided that it was time to plan my exodus.  When people in Colombia asked if I was coming back, I of course I told them I’d be returning, but they all followed up with the question, “when”?  I’d always be thinking to myself, “well, I just decided I was moving, give me some time.”  As I was on the plane in April I even questioned myself.  So when are you going to do it?  Then I remembered that for any other goal I had set for myself, when a deadline was attached, it typically wouldn’t happen.  I guess the expats already in Colombia had already known this and were just checking the thermometer of my sincerity.  So right then and there, I decided that I would return in six months.  For some reason, when I did the math in my head, that got me to September when it really should have been October 1st, but by then I had decided, and it was final.

I WAS BECOMING AN EXPAT TO COLOMBIA!!!!!  This was the day a became free.  Free of the weight of the world, free of the chains around my neck from corporate America, free from the chain of earning my American dream. I was just free to be whoever I wanted to be.  It was my choice.  I no longer operated under the confines of love and marriage, employee and employer, lender and borrower.  Now, all I had to do was figure out how to pay for it all which was no small fete.

Well, once I got off the plane, I immediately went into life change planning mode.  I needed to wrap up my life in the U.S. and being to plan for a life abroad.  Here’s where it gets complicated, and for you, this is where I come in. I can help you go from deciding to planning.  This process can seem a bit overwhelming, but I can help you plan, get organized and execute.  What I’m offering is something I desperately needed when I was planning my new life.  I will help you feel more confident about your decision, give you insight into how your story matches up with other expats, work efficiently and systematically on the planning process so you still have time to enjoy your life, juggle your current lifestyle with the new lifestyle you are planning while getting everything done that’s important for your big move.

I would like to say CONGRATULATIONS on making this huge life change.  I’m here to support you in whatever way you may need.  Thank you for trusting me with something so precious to you, your happiness.



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